CAFOD Summer of Hope - Final Challenge

Our final week at school before summer brings our final challenge for the Summer of Hope Campaign. This challenge will have two important parts. 

Part 1: Writing

The first part of this final challenge is working in conjunction with famous children’s author Frank Cottrell-Boyce, author of Millions and other exciting stories. Frank will be capturing children’s thoughts and feelings at this challenging time and turning them into a unique piece of writing on behalf of CAFOD. 
Therefore, your challenge is as follows:
In just one word, or one sentence, tell us what has given you hope. You can use pictures or designs to illustrate your words.
Frank will then write a short piece based on what children have said they are hopeful about. 
CAFOD will share this on their digital channels in September, where we hope to see work from you guys!
This challenge will be completed by lots of other schools around the country. We want to show them what we can do as a school.
In order to have your entry sent to CAFOD, please do the following:
Email your entry to Miss Rushton ( Your entry must meet the criteria highlighted in green above. It must also include your first name, your age and the name of your town. 
Miss Rushton will select a winner from the entries she receives (delivering a prize again for the winner). All of the entries sent to Miss Rushton will then be sent on to CAFOD to be used by Frank Cottrell-Boyce to contribute to his writing. 

Part 2: The Fundraising

The main aim for this set of challenges is to raise money for CAFOD’s Summer of Hope campaign being on behalf of Mount Carmel.  As mentioned at the start of these challenges, there will be a winner for the person who raises the most money for this cause.  With this in mind, your final part of the challenge is to share our Just Giving page with as many friends and relatives as possible. We desperately want to reach our target of £1500 as a school, if we can get above this target it would be amazing. 

Here is a reminder of how to get sponsorship money on our Just Giving page.

Then click donate. (Please ask your sponsor to enter your name (initials are fine) and your Year and Form group) this would make it easier to find out who has raised the most money) 

CAFOD Summer of Hope Final Challenge

Throughout the last few weeks of our summer term, we will be aiming to raise as much money as we can for CAFOD in order to support those far less fortunate than us during this pandemic, those who don’t have the amazing NHS and other key workers who have kept our country running during this time.

 Each week a new challenge will be uploaded with your weekly reflection. 

We would like you to get involved with the challenges, while getting others to sponsor you in the process. We have a special Just Giving Page for this.
There will be a prize for the winner of each challenge and a prize for the person who raises the most money for this cause (delivered to your door).

Here is a link to our Just Giving fundraising page

To find out more about CAFOD and the Summer of Hope use this link


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