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Year 7 September 2021 admissions

We would normally have invited all our new admissions for September 2021 and their families to our school tonight so they could meet our transition staff and see all the other pupils and families who will be in their year group.

As we sadly can't hold this event we have instead compiled video messages from staff and pupils which we hope will help ease any initial concerns and let you know how much we look forward to seeing you all.


Prize Draw

Thank you to all who have completed and sent back their data collection forms. As promised, we held a prize draw from all returned forms and the winner has won a tablet computer!
Watch this video to see who the winner is ⭐⭐⭐ 



Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m Isobel and we are the Head Boy and Head Girl for 2020-21.

Welcome to Mount Carmel, one of our jobs as Head Boy and Head Girl is to make your move from primary to secondary school as easy and worry free as possible. We have a very talented, friendly and committed prefect team behind us to offer help and support to you from the minute you walk through the school gates.

Moving from primary school to high school feels like a giant leap. We are aware you feel like you are leaving your comfort zone and being thrown in at what seems to be the deep end! But it really is great fun.

We can assure you that our time here at Mount Carmel has been not only great fun but extremely productive. This web page provides you with information about our facilities, uniform, extra curricular activities, lesson times, menus and lots of other essential information.

Remember, four years ago we were in the same situation worrying about the same things that you are. But, after you settle in we are sure you will agree it is amazing! You will make new friends and discover things about yourself that even you didn’t know! 

Ben and Isobel




When you arrive on your first day at Mount Carmel, make your way to the front entrance where staff and pupils will direct you straight to the gym.

At 8.50am your new form teacher will take you to your form rooms and tell you everything you will need to know about your first day. They will give you a planner and your timetable.

All you need to bring on your first day is your bag to take books home in and your pencil case.


Probably most of you will not have worn a tie as part of your school uniform before. Every year group wears a different colour of tie. Pupils starting in Year 7 September 2020 will wear a tie with blue stripes and stars, this will be 'your tie' until you leave in Year 11. 

Here at Mount Carmel our pupils wear ties along with a white shirt, black blazer and slate grey trousers or a pleated skirt. Both boys and girls wear plain black knee length socks.

This uniform makes our pupils look very smart and makes them feel proud to be part of our school. We expect our pupils to wear their uniform correctly at all times.

Please make sure that all your items of uniform are labelled with your full name, so if we find any lost items we can return them.

Make-up and nail varnish are not allowed to be worn within school.

There is a full uniform list in the booklet your parents will receive along with details of the P.E. kit you need.


Getting yourself organised for school the night before helps you remember everything and feel confident about coming to school. Why not find yourself a box or a shelf somewhere at home where you can keep all your school books and equipment so you don't lose anything. 

It is a really good idea to pack your bag the night before so you are not rushing in the morning.

Below is a list of items that you need to bring to school with you every day. You may need other more specific equipment for certain subjects, but don't worry you will be told what to get.

  • pen
  • pencil
  • rubber
  • coloured pencils or felt tips
  • small dictionary
  • calculator
  • pencil case

You will also need a suitable black weatherproof bag to put these items into along with the school books your teachers will give you.

We strongly suggest you use one of the lockers available for every pupil. You will be given your own key and shown where your locker is located in school. This is a great place to put your P.E. kit, your outdoor coat or any other items you do not want to carry around with you all day.


Many of our pupils arrive at school by car. You must remember to be careful when crossing the roads near school as it can get very busy at the times when school is starting and finishing.

If you are walking to school you need to remember road safety and take care when crossing roads. There is a zebra crossing on the busy road near school, please use this to help you cross safely.

Some of you might be travelling on a bus for the first time on your own. Don't worry, at Mount Carmel the teachers will help you get to the correct bus and you will soon get used to making your journey.

We expect our pupils to sit still and travel safely. If you are unhappy about the way anyone behaves on the bus report this to your form teacher or ask your parents to ring school.



When you start at Mount Carmel you will be given your own personal timetable.

This will tell you exactly which lessons you will have each day as well as telling you which room you need to go to and who your teacher is.

Each day you will have 5 lessons, you will also have a break in the morning from 11.10 to 11.30am and lunch from 12.30 to 1.00pm.

School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.00pm each day.


You will be given a pupil planner when you start at Mount Carmel. This is a very important book that you need to bring to school with you every day.

Your planner is a diary where you write down reminders and notes from your lessons and where you can record all your achievements each week. There are also lots of pages of useful information.

Ask your parents to sign the planner each week and show your form teacher.


You will be given homework each day and will be expected to complete it by the date your teacher gives you. You will be given a password for an online homework app called 'Show my Homework'. As well as this online software you may be given handouts or asked to complete other types of work.

Try and find somewhere quiet at home where you can concentrate on doing your homework tasks. You can also stay after school and attend homework sessions and use the school computers. Staff will be on hand to support you during these sessions.


The Twelve Star Diner is open every day serving hot and cold food before school, break time and lunchtime. You can also bring your own packed lunch.

Breakfast is served from 8.00am

Break time is 11.10 - 11.30am

Lunch time is 12.30 - 1.00pm

During the first few weeks you will start your lunch break a few minutes before the rest of the school so that you can get served first and you can get used to the lunch time system.

There are lots of tables for you to sit at whilst you eat your food and we also have a really nice covered outdoor eating area called 'The Pod'.

We ask that you think of others and keep the dining area a nice tidy place by putting any rubbish in the bins.

You don't need to bring any cash with you each day to pay for your food, your finger will be scanned when you start at Mount Carmel and there are machines for you to put your money in to top up your account. Your parents can also pay money into your account using an online payment software.

When you get something to eat or drink from the Twelve Star Diner you will put your finger on the scanner reader and that amount of money will be taken from your account without having to hand over any money!



At Mount Carmel you will have a different teacher for each subject. They are all very helpful and will encourage you to work and do your best. They will speak to your parents on Parents Evenings to let them know how you are progressing. They may even contact them before if they are concerned about you or wish to inform them about a particularly outstanding piece of work you have completed.


If your teacher thinks you have completed some really good work or you have been very helpful or polite they may award you an Achievement point.

In the weekly assembly Year 7 form teachers each nominate a Star of the Week and a trophy is given to the form with the best attendance. Lots of certificates, badges and treats are also handed out!

At the end of each term certificates and rewards are given to individuals and forms who have collected the most Achievement Points.

Then, at the end of the school year pupils who have got the most points get to go on a special trip!


Each year group is divided into form groups and each form has a form teacher.

You will probably stay in the same form for the whole time you are at Mount Carmel. This means that you will get to know the other pupils in your form very well. You meet each morning for registration and to spend time together as a group.

There is also a member of staff who is your Head of Year (known as a Pastoral Leader) and another member of staff who is an Assistant Pastoral Leader. These people are all responsible for making sure that everyone from their year group is working hard, behaving well and contributing fully to school life.

If you have any questions or concerns your form teacher or Pastoral Leader are good people to help you.


Starting a new school is a good way to make lots of new friends. Some of your existing friends will possibly also be coming to Mount Carmel and you may even know people who are already there. Even if you don't know anyone when you start you will quickly get to know lots of new people especially in your form group.

Tips for making friends:

  • Smile, be pleasant and say 'Hi' to people
  • Join in with some of Mount Carmel's activities and clubs
  • Be a good listener and ask lots of questions. A good way to let people know you are interested in them is to ask them about what they like and what they think.
  • Don't be bossy or show-off
  • Try to do things which might be of interest to you


There are lots of clubs and activities that you can take part in at Mount Carmel such as sporting activities like football, netball, badminton, table tennis or boxing and free running. If you are creative you might like to go to the art club or drama club. We also have a science club and if you like music you can learn to play an instrument, be in the choir or play in a band. 


  • you get lost 
    Mount Carmel will be a lot bigger than your primary school. You will probably feel a little anxious about moving from classroom to classroom between lessons, this is normal.
    Much sooner than you imagine, you will be able to find your way around and other pupils and teachers are all happy to guide you. It is all part of the fun of going to high school!
  • you are late for school
    If you are late for school you need to enter through the pastoral entrance and tell the staff so they can mark you in the register
  • you feel ill
    If you are not coming in to school because you feel ill your parents must telephone school first thing in the morning.
    If you feel ill whilst you are in school, tell your class teacher and they will give you a slip to take to the pastoral office.
    Occasionally they may contact your parents and ask them to come and collect you.
  • if you want to go to the toilet
    There is plenty of opportunity to go to the toilet any time before school, during break or lunchtimes. If you really need to go during lessons just ask your teacher.
  • if you have lost something
    Look back where you have been to see if you can find the item. If not, tell the pastoral office and they will try and help.
    Remember, it is really important to have your name on all items that you bring into school to help if you do lose something.
  • if someone is making you unhappy
    You must tell your form teacher, a member of the pastoral staff or any other member of staff if someone is making you feel unhappy.
    You could also tell a friend or your parents and ask them to inform a member of staff.
  • if you don't understand your work
    You must tell your teacher first if you don't understand what they have asked you to do. You could also go to our homework club which is held every day after school in the library. The staff there will be happy to help you.
  • I bring a mobile phone to school
    We understand the safety aspects of having a mobile phone but we do ask that you have it switched off during the school day and that it is kept out of sight. It is also your responsibility to make sure it is kept safe and does not get damaged whilst you are at school.
  • if you have any other questions
    Ask your form teacher or any other member of staff if you have any other queries. You could also ask our prefects or another pupil - they will all be happy to help.


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