EduLink One is a platform in which Parents and Carers can view their child's activity at School. This includes achievement/behaviour points, progress reports, attendance, lesson timetables, medical information, any unread messages from the School, and much more.

There are two ways to use EduLink One: through a web browser like Google Chrome or through an app you can download to use on your mobile device. The EduLink One app is available for both iOS and Android devices.



Web Browser Instructions

If you choose to use a browser to log in start by going to:!/login?code=mountcarmel

After clicking the link you will be taken straight to the EduLink One login page for your school. Here you will just need to enter your username and password to log in. This will have been sent to you by the school. If you forget your username or password, please contact the school.

Alternatively, if you don’t use the school’s direct link (as above) just visit and enter the School ID, as well as your username and password. The School ID is: mountcarmel

Your username and password will have been sent out to you from the School. Once you have filled in all three boxes with your login details, click LOG IN to get started.


Edulink Parent Guide

Updated: 04/07/2022 1.35 MB




Do I need to use Edulink? 

All school communications will be done via Edulink, we highly recommend downloading the Edulink app to ensure you are upto date with school information. 

Do I need Show My Homework? 

For the time being teachers may still be using show my homework, but the plan is to solely use Edulink to inform students and parents of homework. 

Do I need to use Scopay? 

You will still need a scopay account to make payments for school dinners, lockers, trips etc. 

My details are incorrect on the system 

If you notice your details are incorrect on Edulink, please contact the school and inform us of any changes you have made, for example, if you have moved or changed contact numbers.

I haven’t received a letter or my details 

Letters were given out on Monday 4th July to students, if your child was not in school, they will be given to them throughout the week when they return. If your child has still not been given a letter containing your login details by Monday 11th July, please contact school and we will aim to sort this ASAP.

I have been given two separate accounts in my name, one for each child. 

This is likely to occur if you have more than one child at school, you should only need 1 account to manage both pupils. If you have been given 2 separate accounts, one for each child, please contact the office and inform them of this, we will sort this ASAP.

I can see one child on my account but not another. 

If you have more than one child at Mount Carmel but can only see one of them in your account, please contact school so we can allocate you access to both/all children.

My child has been given a behaviour point, why? 

We can’t comment on individual scenarios but if you do wish to discuss your child's behaviour please use the usual channels to arrange a meeting or telephone call via their Head of Year.