11 March 2022

It only happens once in a generation - we have a strong Mission at Mount Carmel with a focused strapline: a Family of Faith and Learning. However, it has been time for a review and a reset of what we are about. Led by Mr Bowers, Mr Dugdale and Mr Davies, we have spent time reviewing our Mission Statement. This will culminate in a Mission Day for our young people in the Summer term. 

As part of this process we invited professional artists to capture a visual of our meetings, discussions and conversations with stakeholders of our Mount Carmel community: senior prefects, KS3 pupils, chaplaincy representatives, the School Council, staff and governors. Meaningful conversations took place and the ideas were captured creatively.

The visuals will consolidate the visuals into a new, concise, robust, living statement of our Mission for the next generation. Exciting times! 

Here are sections of the visual minutes, we will reveal the finished piece in due course.

Mission statement review


Tags: family-faith-learning