To recognise National Careers Week Mount Carmel pupils have been taking part in a range of activities. 

Each morning pupils were given set of Treasure Hunt clues which led them to a particular member of staff and their career journey. Pupils had lots of fun trying to work out who the member of staff was. Vouchers were given to those who guessed correctly which were exchanged for prizes.

Also displayed on monitors around school were possible career routes relating to different subject areas and subject teachers have also used the week as an opportunity to discuss career paths to pupils in all year groups.

Mr Barratt, Mount Carmel Raising Aspirations co-ordinator arranged visits from alumni of the school. The visitors spoke to groups of pupils who were interested in that particular field of work, explaining their role and possible areas of career development. Visitors included Jacob Boyle who is now a primary school teacher and Alisha Clarkson, Joanne McKiernan and Phoebe Guilfoyle who all now work at North Lancs Training Group in the area of marketing, recruitment and work experience.



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