Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations

January 2024

Dear Parent/Carer

Your child has been given a copy of the examination timetable for internal exams taking place during January along with a copy of expectations for the exams. I would be grateful if you could spend a short while going through these with your child, highlighting the subjects that are relevant. A copy of the timetable has been printed on the reverse of this letter so that you may put it up in a prominent place at home.

These exams are set to help assess how much progress your child has made in this academic year and closely resemble the actual GCSEs. It is vital that your child secures the best PPE results possible.

We are making every effort to continually raise the standards attained and raising the profile of exams in the school is further evidence of this. To this end, it may be necessary to remove pupils from exam rooms where they are causing distraction and relocate them elsewhere. If this is not successful, then it may be necessary to call parents and ask them to collect their child immediately.

I am confident that pupils will respect the rights of other pupils and that the drastic measures outlined above will not be necessary. It is vital that we continue to make progress both individually and as a school and hopefully you will be able to reinforce this with your child.

Should you wish to discuss anything that is contained in this letter, or you would like to speak to me regarding any aspect of the examinations, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards

Miss N Takacs
Examinations Officer