Dear parent/carer,

Throughout your child’s time at Mount Carmel, they will take part in many different forms of assessment which will enable us to track, monitor and report on their progress.  These assessments will inform any future interventions that teachers will make and will ensure that your child is always supported.
Towards the end of the summer term in the 2 weeks commencing Monday 3rd June your child will go through a series of assessments in their normal lessons.  These assessments are not a new initiative, and in the past, these have always taken place, but this year we have scheduled them across a 2-week period that has allowed us to generate a timetable for them to follow.  This timetable will make them aware of which assessments will take place and when so that your child can prepare for them.

Your child has been given a copy of the timetable for up-coming internal assessments taking place. Copies are attached below for you to refer to and would be grateful if you could spend some time looking through it with your child.

Should you wish to discuss anything that is contained in this letter, or you would like to speak to me regarding any aspect of the assessments, please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards
Miss N Takacs
Examinations Officer


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